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What’s this all about?

What is The Project All about?

Simply – we intend to purchase this building, renovate it and open it up as designated function space for our local homeschool community.  The space will be available for classes, meetings and gatherings on a first come first serve basis.  The schoolhouse is a central meeting location for the homeschoolers of Milton, Middleton, Wakefield and Farmington.  It is approximately 4 miles from Middleton Corners, 5.5 miles from the Poor People’s Pub,  7 miles from the Emma Ramsey Center in Milton, 8 miles from the Farmington Town Hall and less than a mile off exit 18 of the Spaulding Turnpike.

About the building

This schoolhouse was built in 1903 and it is on the Wakefield historical register. The cupola  houses the original school bell dated 1904.  You can still ring the bell by giving a good tug on the rope hanging down at the center of the building.  It sits on just over an acre of land with a good sized open field at the front for games and outdoor fun.  There are two large classrooms (21’x29′), one smaller room (10×14) and a small kitchen space.  There are four small bathrooms.  The building is designed for accessibility.


Considering the size of our small towns, we have quite an impressive and active homeschool community.  It is our goal to support and encourage our fellow homeschoolers by offering dedicated meeting space free of strings and hassles.

What’s in it for us? 

Financially? There is nothing in it for us.  Considering that our goal is to make this space available free of charge whenever possible, this venture will not generate the money necessary to purchase, restore or maintain the building, in fact, we do not anticipate it generating even enough funds to cover the monthly cost of supplies, utilities and insurance.   This isn’t about a financial gain for us.

Mike currently works out of his home office but he will make a small part time office in this new space…we promise he won’t get in the way 😉

When will the building be open for use?

It is our goal to have the most important renovations completed by September 2012.

What renovations are necessary?

LOTS!  here’s a list:

exterior paint, repair cupola, repair stairways

new heating system

new ceiling

new paint for the entire interior

renovate/reconfigure bathrooms and kitchen space

kitchen space is empty, needs cabinets and appliances

electrical work

plumbing work

What’s Next?

Planning Board Approval –  Our first meeting with the planning board is Thursday 4/19 @7PM.  This property is zoned residential and we will need a conditional use permit to allow us to use the building for our intended purpose.

Fire Department approval – We’ve been waiting on a definitive answer on whether or not we will need to install a sprinkler system.  At this point, we believe that we will NOT have to…an answer to prayer as that system would have totally blown our renovation budget!

Liability Insurance –  we are finding that getting AFFORDABLE liability insurance on an old building that will be used by children can be tricky!  We are praying about this as again, we are trying to stay within a budget.

We have seen the Lord’s work in this.  This idea of a homeschool resource center has been on our hearts but we were thinking it might happen a little farther down the road! Thus far, everything has fallen into place beautifully, and we trust this is God’s will. Assuming the above three steps go as planned, we will close on this building at the end of May and start right in on the renovation.

Coming Soon

In the coming days and weeks we’ll post updates on our progress and we’ll start discussing more specifics of usage.

How can I help?

PRAY!  Please pray that the final steps of this process come together smoothly.  We will be on the lookout for affordable materials for the renovation…give us a shout if you come across anything we might be able to use!  We’ll be putting in a lot of time painting and doing as much DIY as we are capable of…if you feel led to donate your time and talents, you are welcome to do so!  PLEASE, take a minute to leave a comment!!  We’d love to hear what you think.  Do you see yourself taking advantage if this type of space?  How would you like to see this space used?  We are open to suggestions and advice!!!!  

18 comments to What’s this all about?

  • This is a great idea! What a way to support the local home school community. I teach a home school martial arts program in Milton and we are always looking for community partners. If you need a hand, I am a pretty hand carpenter with professional tools. I might even be able to recruit some other carpenters looking to do a good deed if need be. Whatever I can do to help, I would be happy to do.

    Aaron Hutto

    • Hey Aaron!

      Thanks for the encouragement! I’m not a carpenter and have no professional carpentry tools – so help and advice is always welcome. Thanks for the offer and we will be in touch.

      – Mike

  • Cassandra Wallace

    This is so exciting, I am a newbie when it comes to homeschooling, but in Sept. it will be my first year!! I am thrilled to think of a local meeting location for support and help! BTW Im a decent indoor painter if needed!! **prayers**

  • Janet Ellis

    How exciting!!! We can help with lots of renovation things! Just keep us posted 🙂 would it help if Wakefield residents show up tomorrow in support of the zoning change? My husband might be able to come?

    • awesome Janet, thanks! so far we’ve had very positive conversations with the Wakefield officials we’ve talked with…but you never know! Barry is certainly welcome to attend the meeting but you guys have your hands wonderfully full right now…so no pressure at all 🙂

  • Jodi Long

    I would love to see this building used for such a wonderful purpose! I went to first and second grade there and have so many fun memories. I’ve always had a place in my heart for this school. It’s exciting to think that 27 years later children could still enjoy that wonderful place. I’ve always felt it was like a step back in time when I walked in that building. I will definitely pray for you guys that this will all work out and be a reality. Thank you for doing such a wonderful thing for your community!

  • Carol Petrusewicz

    I know that the Habitat for Humanities Re-Store in Newington sells used supplies at half price retail. Who know, maybe someone could call them & ask if they have any donations for our cause??

  • Stephanie Bateman

    Bravo! I agree that this has been sorely needed for a long time. I would love to see a resource library w/donated books in the planning as well. Keep us updated, my boys and I would love to help.

  • I see a trip up north in my future to help restore this place. I will trade out some one on one training for doing a lot of painting and such. I got a full size pickup and lots of tools. 🙂

  • Jennifer

    This is amazing! We homeschool in Rochester but we have friends in the towns you will be serving. We love getting involved in stuff like this! Will you have a painting party when it’s time to paint? We’d love to come and help! If everyone brought their own paint brush and pitched in a couple bucks each, we could have a pizza/painting party. :o)

  • Lawrence W. DeBow

    I plan to bring 2 or 3 men with me to the streak out Friday June 7th.

    Thank You,
    Larry DeBow

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