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Question for you…

There is a nice hill at the front of the schoolhouse going down to the field that has been used by many a kid over the years for sledding.  Some of you have mentioned fond kindergarten and first grade memories of sledding there during recess.  When I (Megan) was born, my parents lived in the house on the corner, just below the school.  They sold the house to relatives but I still remember trudging up that hill with my cousins, sleds in tow. (history side note: Before school buses, students at the Union schoolhouse used horses. The barn attached to this house is where these students would keep their horses during the school day…the same barn is now occupied by my Aunt’s horse, Cat.)

This hill would also be a great spot for a built-in slide… kind of like this one:


Wouldn’t that be fun?!  Of course, slides, like every other kind of playground equipment, are ridiculously expensive. Here’s our question…Do you have any creative ideas on how we can build our own hillside slide??

Thank you!

Mike & Megan


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