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NH History

If there is interest, Mrs. Sheryll Ross has offered to teach a NH History class this Fall.  The class would meet for 2 hours a week for 6 weeks at a cost of $60/student.  Wednesday afternoon is Mrs. Ross’s preferred time to meet.  She would like to incorporate a local field trip if possible.  The student text is recommended but not required ($7.95).  The class content looks pretty intense but Mrs. Ross incorporates many fun projects and activities to make the class enjoyable for the children!  Parent participation is welcomed.  Please contact ASAP if you are interested in this class.  We anticipate the class will begin mid-late September.  Suggested for ages 8-11.

Here is the syllabus:

Week One

Introducing the Granite State

  • Geographic regions, important cities, rivers, mountains and landmarks
  • Geographic features
  • Climate and its effects upon the development of the state
  • Map-making and making of a timeline of NH history
  • Science experiments with glaciers
  • New Hampshire Facts and Symbols
  • Famous Geographic Spots to visit
  • Mapping and the creation of a brochure of NH will be part of this study.


Week Two

Early People of NH

  • Paleo Indians
  • Abenakis
  • Pennacooks
  • Projects, reenactments,worksheets, writing and group activities related to these topics will support these topics.


Week Three

Explorers to NH

  • Martin Pring
  • Samuel de Champlain
  • Captain John Smith
  • John Mason and Sir Ferdinando Gorges ( Laconia Company)
  • Research, written assignments, reenactments and reports will support this learning

First Settlements

  • Strawberry Banke
  • Dover
  • Setting boundaries with Massachusetts
  • A possible field trip to these two towns and their museums will support this topic.


Week Four

The Colony Grows Under English Rule

  • The French and Indian War and Robert Rogers
  • Merrimack River Valley and the linen trade
  • Portsmouth and the shipping trade and lumber
  • Royal Governor, John Wentworth ( Dartmouth College and roadways)

The Rise of a Revolution

  • British taxes
  • Attack of Fort William and Mary ( New Castle, NH)
  • New Hampshire Adopts a Constitution
  • Declaration of Independence for 13 Colonies
  • John Start and the Battle of Bennington
  • NH signs the US Constitution
  • Concord becomes the Capital
  • Debates, journals, projects, use of primary documents, written assignments, posters and a  possible field trip to the John Wentworth Mansion site and the Clark House will enhance these events of history.


Week Five

NH moves from Farming to Manufacture

  • Amoskeag Manufacturing Company
  • Immigrants arrive for the mills
  • NH and the Civil War
  • Slaves in NH
  • The Underground Railroad in NH
  • The effects of the postwar on NH mills (railroads, lumber, environment, tourists)
  • Projects, journals, the book, Bobbin Girl, reenactments and a possible trip to a Manchester Mill will support the ideas taught in this unit.


Week Six

New Hampshire’s part in the two World Wars and Modern Times

  • The beginning of unions
  • The Great Depression
  • Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in World War II
  • Meeting at Bretton Woods
  • Tourism replaces the mills for NH economy
  • Famous people over the years in NH

New Hampshire’s Branches of Government

  • Executive, Legislative, Judicial
  • How a law is passed
  • Voting in New Hampshire
  • The State Capital of Concord
  • Hands on Projects, diagrams, posters, and research on the computer will help students to understand the passing of laws and voting in NH.
  • A possible visit to the capital will be a culminating activity to end this unit and help students to connect all the information from other weeks of instruction during this unit.




Books to be used during this unit


Student text, From Sea to Shining Sea, New Hampshire

New Hampshire Native Americans

The Nifty New Hampshire Book

New Hampshire: The New Hampshire Experience

Let’s Discover New Hampshire

New Hampshire Fact and Symbols

New Hampshire Government Projects

The Big New Hampshire Activity Book

The New Hampshire Puzzle Book

The New Hampshire Colony

The New Hampshire State Greats

Old Man and the Mountain

Canterbury Shaker Village

Thank you, Sarah: The Woman Who Saved Thanksgiving

An Old Fashioned Thanksgiving

Over the River and Through the Woods

Great Colonial America Projects You Can Build Yourself


(This list will have additional titles to be used by students in their research and cooperative- learning activities as the unit evolves.  Many biographies will support our weekly learning and discussion.)

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