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Ideas- Mom’s night, Biography fair, NH History

A message sent from Dawn Roiter…lots of great ideas!  If any of the topics interest you, please get in touch!
1. Hello Fellow Homeschooling Friends. Do you know what  a great resource we have in the Union Schoolhouse? I have been teaching science there and everyone is enjoying it, both the students and the parents. It is so fun to see kids learning things together in a safe environment. I am not replacing the parent as the main teacher, just supplementing the learning with fun. Plenty of classroom space, board space, TV/computer hook-ups (great for experiments), a full kitchen, a space for a nursery, and a great yard. I would like to see the building being used more as a resource to support homeschooling families in the surrounding areas. This past summer, there had been discussions about a co-op but what emerged clearly is that parents were more interested in bringing their kids to classes they needed/wanted and not have to be involved with everything which is why the schoolhouse is so helpful. I would like to meet with as many parents as possible to brainstorm what types of classes people might be interested in: core (like science) or enrichment (classic arts like music), or perhaps fun classes like quilting or sewing.  Perhaps literature groups like a Little House on the Prairie group or Anne of Avonlea club. Maybe a science/inventors club. We are curious about the length of commitment people want to make, day classes, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semester or year long. I’ve already received a request for a outdoor survival course which I have a lead on. Someone else was interested in a chess club. Please email me if you would be willing to get together with us to brainstorm ideas or have input to share.    Dawn Roiter @
2. I would also like to start a Mom’s Night out group for the sole purpose of socializing together and supporting each other with child care provided. How many times to we find ourselves throwing out ideas or discussing things while our kids are tugging on us to get going? If anyone is interested in getting together with me to help plan this type of event,  please email me, Dawn Roiter @
3. If anyone needs to do the state history requirement for their 4th-6th graders, I will be teaching a class starting in November for six weeks  using the NH State lapbook from “In the Hands of A Child”. If anyone is interested, please email me and I will send you more detailed information. The only cost for the class would be for copies. Dawn Roiter @
4. Several of us would like to hold a biography fair later this year, if anyone has ideas or would like to help plan this event, please contact me. Dawn Roiter

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