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Teen Takeover- Take 3

A few details from Deb about the next Teen Takeover coming up soon….there were about 20 teens last month, so come on and join the fun!!


Teen Takeover Take 3!

Battle Night

            It’s hard to believe it’s just about that time again, but yes… the next teen night at the Union Schoolhouse is quickly approaching. This month we are very excited to have Sifu John Fillipon from Twin Dragon Kung Fu in Wakefield, NH and his wife Dani coming to engage us in some tournament style fun and games. What kind of games you ask? Well…how does organized Nerf/ noodle battles sound!!

In addition to all this excitement, there will be some relaxed, easy going options for those teens that aren’t quite into the battle scene. These potentially include an opportunity to dabble in some calligraphy type activities as well as the ever popular board game assortment. As always, there will be plenty of time for socializing… and, of course…. lots of eats!

When?             Wednesday November 14th 2012

Where?           The Union Schoolhouse    Union NH

Time?              6:00- 8:30 PM

RSVP?                As always, everyone is welcome to come, whether planned ahead, or last minute. It does, however, help greatly with planning to have a general head count (in particular with game planning!). Please RSVP (if possible) to:

Deb Zabkar


            What can we bring?   Snacks for all to share!  Deb will be keeping a list in an attempt to avoid doubles, but in reality… can there ever be enough munchie foods J? Please call or email to add an item to the list, or ask for a suggestion!!

Special requests?    For the calligraphy activities, we could use any type of special markers (etc).  If anyone has anything interesting along those lines that they wouldn’t mind the teens using for a night, please contact Deb! Also, different papers might be a neat idea.

More information about the games or Kung Fu?    Please contact Deb, or feel free to contact Sifu John!

Sifu John Fillipon

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