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Art classes

UPDATE 2/18 ***** Thank you to everyone who inquired about these classes.  Kari is unable to offer them at this time due to unforeseen events.  We will keep you posted about any future opportunities.  Thank you.******


A few new opportunities being offered by Kari Therrien, please visit her website for more details and contact info.  If there is interest, she can begin the following classes:


Kari’s website:

Union Schoolhouse, Union, NH
This is an 8 week class that focuses on 8 aspects on hand-building with clay. It is for ages 6 and up. The class will be 2 hours each session. Start date and time have yet to be determined. Students will make 8 projects that will be glazed and fired. I will be incorporating “Fruits of the Spirit” into this curriculum. The classes are $10 each or all 8 for $7 ($10 savings!). There is a $10 firing fee per family. Here are the projects:
Week 1: Love- Clay houses
Week 2: Joy- Clay flower gardens
Week 3: Peace- Clay Pendants
Week 4: Patience- Clay owls
Week 5: Kindness- Clay cupcake boxes
Week 6: Gentleness- Clay whistles
Week 7: Goodness- Ice cream bowls
Week 8: Self- Control- We will look at all the projects, have a critique, and use our bowls and cups for ice cream and punch!Drawing
Union Schoolhouse, Union, NH
This is a 6 week class designed for ages 4 and up although younger students will need a parent for the first class to help making the sketchbook. Start date and time are yet to be determined. We will focus on making sketchbooks and all projects will be done in the sketchbook. By the time the class is done, the student will have a nice portfolio to show. The cost is $10/ class or $50 for all six. Here are the projects:
Week One: Making and keeping a sketchbook
Week Two: Drawing the natural world
Week Three: Drawing people
Week Four: Drawing faces
Week Five: Still life drawing
Week Six: Drawing animalsArt History
Union Schoolhouse, Union NH
This is an 6 week class for ages 10 and up. Each class is 1.5 hours with a half hour lesson about art history and an hour for the studio component. If you are looking for your child to gain some art history background, this is the class for you! Students will be introduced to major world artists and styles of art. Cost is $10/ class or $50 for all six sessions. It would be fun to end the class with a “show” of all the student’s work. Here is the curriculum:
Week One: Caves of Lascaux, mural “cave paintings” on brown paper
Week Two: Early Pottery (ethnic pottery from early middle east), hand-built vessels from clay
Week Three: Murals, (Greek and roman murals) clay tiles
Week Four: Impressionists (Monet, Cassatt, Van Gogh) impressionistic pastel drawings
Week Five: Cubism, (Picassopaper cubism collages
Week Six: 
Modern Art, (Rothko, Georgia O’Keeffe, Marc Chagall) oil paintings

Union Schoolhouse, Union NH
In this class we will explore the unique qualities of fibers. Get ready to push your potential with many kinds of projects. We will use traditional materials such as wool and non traditional materials such as recycled plastic and paper. This class is great for boys and girls. It is 1.5 hours. Cost is $10/ session or $50 for all 6 weeks!
Week One: Wool felting
Week Two: Batik
Week Three: Embroidery
Week Four: Tie-dye
Week Five: Yarn weaving
Week Six: Recycled weaving

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