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Men’s “Steak-Out” – Friday June 7, 2013

The Union Schoolhouse is happy to open its doors to a group of men from local churches as they host a “Steak-Out”. We hope you can join us  for this night of fellowship, encouragement, a movie, steak and exhortation to each other.

The Details

When: Friday June 7th, 2013 6:00PM – 9:00PM

What: We’ll start the night with some fellowship, a quick message or testimony from one of the organizers and a barbecued steak and chicken dinner. Then we’ll watch the movie Courageous, have a time of prayer and conversation after the movie and head home.

Who: This is for men 18 and up. You don’t have to be a homeschooling dad, a father, a husband or a Christian to show up. This is a night dedicated to Christian fellowship and open to any one who meets this description.

Where: This will be at the Union Schoolhouse in Union, NH

RSVP/Parking: This event will be limited in size due to parking and building capacity. Please sign up on the link below if you are interesting in going. This is also important to make sure we accurately order the steak and chicken.


Sign Up

Please indicate how many are interested and your contact info on this sign up site so we can keep you informed of any updates and confirm attendance the week of the event.

Fine Print

This event is not affiliated with any church or denomination. The men who got together to plan this event all worship together at Nute Ridge Bible Chapel in Milton, NH – a non-denominational, Christ centered church that preaches Christ crucified, buried and risen again. We felt led to watch this movie together and encourage each other in the lessons from it – and we felt led to invite other men from the region to watch it with us. It is our hope and prayer that this time of sharing, fellowship and the movie encourages one another and provides exhortation in our lives. Plus we like grilling and eating, and trust you may also. We hope to see you there.

– Andy, Doug, Lynn & Mike

For more info – you can e-mail mike at or give him a call at 603.203.9797.

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