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2 Fall Class Opportunities

World History 1  or “Ancient History”
Where: Union Schoolhouse
School Year: 2015-2016
Date: 9/16/15- 5/18/16 (32 weeks + breaks)
Time: 9:30-11:30 am
Level: 8th grade-High School
Cost: $30 ( ink, cardstock, food, etc.)
Text needed: Notgrass World History  
Description of course- Join us in an exploration of Ancient History from a Biblical perspective to include:
Map study, personal timeline, historical document study, comparing religions, projects, food samples from around the world, Drive Thru History DVD’s.
This will be a project based, hands-on course.
Email: Deb Ricker:


American Sign Language 1 with Dr. Patti Frohloff:
September 18-November 20 (10 weeks)
Day: Fridays
Time: 1:30-3
Where: Union Schoolhouse
Materials Required: ABC: A basic course in ASL by Tom Humphries, Carol Padden, Terrance J. O’Rourke
Materials Suggested: ASL dictionary by Martin La Sternberg. As a second reference, not used in class but helpful, Signing Illustrated.

Note: Dr. Frohloff asked for the later time so she can schedule any students who need extra help before class so they can still be up to date with class. She will offer this from 12-1:15 upon request.
Price: $10 per class, payable either in one lump sum or in payments. She doesn’t want anyone to let the cost be a hindrance, she is willing to work with you.

If you know of anyone else wanting to join the class, please have them contact me. We did not get enough for an ASL II class, so if you know of anyone who has a basic command of the language and wants to progress, please mention this to them and also have them contact me.

“Dr. Patti Frohloff, a sign language teacher is coming from Maine to teach an ASL I class with deaf culture incorporated. Dr. Frohloff has been working with deaf children for over 30 years, as a deaf interpreter, a deaf counselor, school advisor, and teacher. My daughter has been taking ASL from Dr. Frohloff for the last year. She uses innovative methods such as describing kitchen gadgets, going to a restaurant and only using signing to order, and having deaf people coming to “talk” to them so they practice their comprehsion skills. She incorporated writing skills as well, by having them write an introduction of themselves in both English and ASL grammar. They read a non-fiction book that incorporated both deaf history and culture and then wrote a report on it. She is a very thorough teacher.”

contact Dawn Roiter:

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